The Western Ballet School

The ballet school is located right in the centre of the city, in the Casino de Mayaguez building, on the corner of the Plaza Colon.

The school is the brainchild of Nana Badrena, who left Puerto Rico many years ago, always intending to return. It opened in the autumn of 2005 with dancers from Mumy Badrena's studio and has grown rapidly. There are now over one hundred and forty dancers, taking classes at all levels, up to pre-professional, in classical ballet, modern and jazz dance, and also three adult ballet classes.

Western Ballet School

Itinerario 2014/5

Class fees

One hour classes

Classes per week ` Monthly fee
       1                        $40
       2                        $75
       3                       $105
       4                       $135
       5                       $165
So, each class after the third is $30

The single class fees will be $12.00 for a one hour class and $18.00 for a one and a half hour class.  

For any one dancer there is a maximum overall class fee per month of $230.00, and then that dancer may take as much ballet, jazz and modern classes as they wish, provided there is room in the class.

When calculating fees all dancers from the same family (hermanos) have their hours combined.

One and a half hour classes

Classes per week ` Monthly fee
       1                     $55
       2                    $105
       3                    $145
       4                    $180
       5                    $215

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Registration fee. The school year starts in August

Full year from August $30, from January $20, from May $10